We deliver a full range of plumbing services for homeowners, landlords and contractors from simple repairs to the design of bespoke systems. Curve focus on saving you time and money by accurately assessing your plumbing needs and providing you with solutions that fit both your building and your budget.

Our plumbers provide timely service for any plumbing issues from a dripping tap to a new build. You can expect our maintenance service to be prompt and effective and our installations to have an eye for detail that ensures all work is tidy, neat and efficient.

We are London based and have an experienced team that are fully accredited to deal with any domestic plumbing concern.



Specialists in diagnosing central heating problems we offer a comprehensive service that covers all elements of your system. Energy-efficient and effective heating is an important consideration in any new build or renovation.

Curve have the experience and expertise needed to design and then install a cohesive and multi-component heating system, that will quietly take care of climate control throughout the whole property with the minimum of fuss. We have been providing a 5-star service, installing boilers in Wimbledon and surrounding areas for over 5 years.

Curve have extensive experience in hydronic underfloor heating; this involves fitting a closed loop series of pipework under the floor and creating a hot slab that transfers heat to the room via radiation, without the need for circulating air. Hydronic underfloor heating is an efficient heating system which adds unrivalled comfort to any home.

Our team of qualified engineers have experience in various domestic heating systems ensuring your installation will be of the highest quality. Curve have the expertise to ensure large buildings with sophisticated heat pumps and combined boiler systems to operate at their optimum level. We can establish a regular maintenance program to keep things running smoothly and head off any potential problems before they occur. Our dedication to quality of service, from design through installation to after sales support, is second to none.



Advances in renewable energy technologies means that there are now systems appropriate for nearly every type of home. Curve can help you choose the right option for your heating and hot water requirements and advise on the most efficient systems, for example:

Geothermal Heating: Instead of creating heat by burning a fuel, ground-source heat pumps move heat from one place to where it is needed. When the ground temperature in winter is warmer than the air above it, ground-source heat pumps harness this energy by exchanging heat with the earth through a ground heat exchanger. In summer when the ground temperature is cooler than the air above, it can operate in reverse. Geothermal Heating enables electricity consumption to be dramatically reduced and the natural, renewable energy from the earth used as opposed to gas or other fuels.

Air Source Heating: Heat pumps use the heat of the external air and transfer it to the house. The external air is cooled by passing over a finned heat exchanger and heat extracted from the evaporator of the heat pump. With the addition of high temperature hot water heat pumps these units are not confined to underfloor heating applications but can also be used with radiators.

Solar Heating: Solar radiation is an abundant energy source that is free, non-polluting and renewable and with the cost of solar panels falling significantly in recent years, Curve can offer highly effective solar energy solutions for any size home or building.

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Services include:

  • Wiring
  • Designing new heating systems
  • Pumps and break tanks
  • Combi swaps
  • Drainage
  • Water softeners
  • Wet rooms
  • CO Safety checks
  • Heating modernisation
  • Heating problem solving
  • Renewable heat sources
  • Solar systems
  • Ground source heat pumps
  • Air source heat pumps
  • Under-floor heating
  • Hot water cylinders
  • Wifi controlled thermostat

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