Terms & Conditions


By using Curve’s services the Customer is agreeing to these terms. Please read Curve’s terms and conditions before using our services, they apply to all Work undertaken.


General Terms

The terms below are used to mean the following:

Curve – Curve Property Services Ltd, 127 Abbotsbury Road, London SM4 5JX (Company Reg No: 12156088)

Work – Refers to all services that Curve offer including material purchase and supply, project management, installation, repairs, call-outs, servicing and guarantees.

Customer – The organisation or person Curve Property Services Ltd agree to carry out work for.

Representatives –Tradesperson/tradespeople appointed by Curve Property Services Ltd.

Job Address – The location where Curve Property Services Ltd Representatives undertake the installation, repairs and maintenance work.

Labour – The time spent by our Representatives carrying out work, including all reasonable time spent in obtaining materials.

Materials – All materials, equipment and appliances required to complete the Work.


Estimated Work 

Estimated Work is where an estimate is provided in writing for the total cost of Labour and Materials to undertake specified Work. An estimate does not include parking costs and congestion charges incurred by Representatives during the Work and these are charged to the Customer at cost. An estimate is valid for 90 days. An estimate is based on the information made available by the Customer and may be revised after submission when:

  • Curve agree to undertake additional Work on an Hourly Work rate basis (see below).
  • There is a significant increase in Material prices.
  • There was inadequate information provided within the Customer’s specification.
  • A manifest error was made within the Customer’s specification or Curve’s estimate.


Hourly Work

Hourly Work is where the labour element of the Work is charged on an hourly or day rate basis (all prices are subject to VAT):

  • Labour at £75 per hour or £355 per day,
  • Materials charged at purchase price + 30%.

Parking costs and congestion charges incurred by Representatives during Work are charged at cost.


Invoice and Payment Terms 


Estimated Work – On the Customer’s agreement to carry out Estimated Work, the customer shall pay a deposit of 50% of the total immediately, with the remainder due on completion.

  • The Customer should pay the deposit by credit or debit card using the link to Curve’s payment portal emailed with the estimate.


Interim And Final Invoice –  All invoices must be paid on completion via the card payment link or BACS.


Hourly Work – Hourly Work is paid on completion.  The Customer should pay for Hourly Work by credit or debit card using the link to Curve’s on-line payment portal emailed with the invoice.


Please Note

At their discretion, Curve reserve the right to request full payment in advance, for Hourly and Estimate Work.

All costs are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate and all invoices must be paid within 24 hours of receipt. In the case of late payment, Curve reserve the right to exercise their statutory right to,

  • claim reasonable collection and compensation costs,
  • charge interest on any part of an invoice which remains unpaid at a rate of 8% over the base rate, until full payment is received,
  • retain ownership of all materials provided.



Curve provide a 12 month guarantee on all labour, active from the date of completion. Manufacturer warranties apply on materials and appliances supplied by Curve. Guarantees are null and void where:

  • Materials supplied by Curve are subject to misuse, negligence or tampering.
  • Repairs or modifications are undertaken, other than by a Curve Representative.
  • Curve are required to work on installations of inferior quality or on those over ten years old.
  • The work involves blockages in waste or drainage systems.
  • The full settlement of an invoice remains outstanding.

Curve are committed to providing a high-quality service. If a Customer is not wholly satisfied, they must provide written notice within 12 months of service provision. The Customer must allow Curve to inspect and complete remedial work where appropriate. Curve can not be held liable for any defects in work where a Customer fails to notify Curve as outlined above.


Boiler Installations

When replacing boilers Curve cannot guarantee the gas pipe will be adequate for the new appliance. Only once the new appliance is installed can the working pressure be assessed. In the event the gas pipe work is not sized correctly, Curve will need to install a new gas supply pipe from the gas meter to the new appliance (In part or in Full). This additional work is not included in the estimate and is chargeable at the Hourly Work rate.

When converting a gravity system to a pressurised system, leaks can occur on the existing pipe work. Curve can not be held responsible for leaks on the existing pipe work and any repairs are chargeable at the Hourly Work rate.



In the unlikely event a Customer needs to rearrange or cancel a booking they must provide Curve with at least two days prior notice.

For cancelled work or work rescheduled for more than one month later (than the original date booked), Curve will charge the Customer for any materials purchased, administrative time used and Representatives time lost due to cancellation/rescheduling. If a Curve Representative arrives at a Customer location at a pre-booked time, but is unable to commence with the Work because of Customer non-attendance or the property is found to be inaccessible, the Customer will be charged £30 in addition to any other charges that may apply and listed above (e.g. due to cancellation/rescheduling).



Curve will only be liable for rectifying their own guaranteed work and will not be held responsible for any ensuing damage or claims resulting from other work.

  • Curve will not accept liability for any delay, or consequences of any delay in performing our obligations.
  • The Customer is solely liable for any hazardous situation in respect of the Gas Safe Regulations or any Gas Warning Notice issued by our Representatives.



Curve’s terms and conditions prevail over any terms and conditions referred to by the Customer. These terms and conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with English law.

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